Why Juicing?

Everyone's doing it, but no one knows why!!  Learn the HOW and WHY of juicing.

  DETOX  101 :


 What Everyone is Talking About

Organic Detoxing Meals to-go

Lose weight

We will teach you how to lose the weight and KEEP IT OFF!!!  Take our Detox 101 course


I can have what?  While Detoxing?? No way....

YES!  Enjoy red wine, cheese and YES - dark CHOCOLATE while detoxing.

Yoga Detox Retreats

Re-Fresh Hamptons Detox

Hamptons, NY                        Palm Beach, FL

Let Lillian and staff bring the benefits of a detox retreat to your home!  You sit back and relax, we bring the spa and food to you!!

We offer group or private yoga and/or pilates instruction: in your home or our studios.

We use local. organic produce (when available) to prepare our Detox-on-the-go meals.  Hand made with love by chef Todd Jacobs.